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How much does a golf simulator cost?

Cost of A Golf Simulator

It can cost you anywhere from $500 to over $70,000 to buy and install an indoor golf simulator. But, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. For $3,000, you get an entry-level golf simulator kit but it won’t include a screen and projector.

On the other hand, the best indoor golfing simulators start at $60,000 and easily reach the low hundreds. These are the very best indoor golfing simulators with unparalleled accuracy and realism, and they’re the only ones that come close to the experience of playing at X-Golf.

X-Golf simulators are powered by proprietary, cutting edge technology that we have perfected for over 15 years to give the very best of indoor golf. If you’re looking for world-class indoor golf without having to spend a fortune, come and tee off at X-Golf.

But, if a home golf simulator is where your heart is, this guide will help you budget for the right golf simulator for your needs.

How Much Should You Pay for a Golf Simulator?

There are many factors you must consider when buying a golf simulator, including the quality of each component, data accuracy, realism, and durability.

If you want a half-decent simulator with a projector, screen, and launch monitor, be prepared to pay $7,000–$15,000. Such a simulator won’t be as accurate or immersive as the best kits out there, but it’s a good option when you’re just getting started.

For better accuracy and high-quality graphics, invest at least $20,000. In return, you get a large, immersive screen and projector, professional software to accurately track your stats, and other premium features. However, such a kit still won’t give you the best accuracy and flexibility.

High-end golf simulator kits start at $60,000 and can reach astronomical figures, especially for custom simulators. These offer the best of everything, including multiple sensors, cameras, ball tracking, multiple HD courses, and much more.

Why such a big price difference? It all comes down to the quality of the components and the overall playing experience.

Top-tier simulators offer the best accuracy and realism, with features such as ball tracking, HD projectors, ball return screens, and many course options. You also get spacious enclosures, natural-feel mats, and highly advanced software. All these contribute to a great indoor golfing experience, which is what X-Golf simulators strive to provide every time you tee off.


Cost of a Golf Simulator: Price Per Component

Many people prefer to buy the full golf simulator kit and have it installed professionally. However, you can also buy the components separately and assemble the kit, so long as the components are all compatible.

You may also want to splurge on a particular component. For example, you may be happy with a low-end hitting mat but want an HD projector and a large impact screen. Here are the price ranges of each simulator kit component and the main factors you should consider in each.

Launch Monitor

The launch monitor is the most important component of the entire kit. It collects the data you need to trace your ball flight, swing, and contact data and feeds it into golf simulation software.

There are several types of launch monitoring technology. For each type, you can choose from various brands and models to find one that works best for your needs.

  • Photometric simulators (starts at $2,000) – these use a system of cameras to capture launch information, such as launch angle, backspin, side spin, distance from center, and more; examples include the SkyTrak and the Foresight Sports GC2, GC3, and GC4
    • Can use one or more cameras to capture more information
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Depending on the model, they capture the most data, including information on your swing, stance, ball impact, flight, and more
  • Infrared (below $500) – a monitor emits light signals to capture information from the positioning and swing of the clubhead; examples include the OptiShot 2
    • Unreliable
  • Radar (over $5,000) – these use microwave radar signals to track the ball’s flight after impact; examples include the Garmin Approach R10, TrackMan, and FlightScope X3
    • These require more space
    • Are ideal for outdoor use
    • Require a minimum flight distance to work
    • Highly accurate and independent of lighting conditions
    • The monitor sits a distance behind, so it won’t measure swing and ball impact data

While cheap flight monitors only capture basic data points, high-end models capture much more information and provide highly accurate simulations. A system such as the FlightScope Mevo+, starts at about $2,000, but the Uneeker EYE XO $10,000+ premium model is also a fantastic model.

Top-of-the range launch monitors can have four, eight, or more cameras to capture every angle and provide more data for the simulation. These provide the best accuracy, but they come in kits costing in excess of $60,000.

Golf Mat

Good quality golf hitting mats costs anywhere from $300 to over $2,000. Even though you can get cheaper models, they won’t give you an accurate turf feel. The right golf mat should also provide the right grip and comfort to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury.

Golf Simulator Net or Screen Enclosure

Low-end golf simulators use a net to catch the ball while the launch monitor provides the data needed to predict the ball’s flight on a TV, iPad, or phone screen. These can range from $100 for low-end models to over $4,000 for large nets.

The more expensive models are much better at containing your shots and can return the ball to your feet.

For a more realistic and immersive experience, you’re better off with a golf simulator screen and enclosure. These also contain your shots safely and bounce the ball back to your feet, but they also simulate the ball’s flight in real time and may include realistic course visual effects.

A screen and enclosure package costs between $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the screen’s quality, size, and durability of its frame.

Golf Simulator Projector

You need a golf simulator projector to work with the screen. If you want high-definition visuals and sound, you’ve got to splurge on the projector. Some of the high-end models include the Optoma HD27, BenQ HT2150ST short-throw, and the ViewSonic 4K projectors, all of which retail for about $1,000.

You can get a slightly cheaper but good quality projector for under $1,000, but the best models can reach $2,000. You’ll want to consider factors like brightness, resolution, aspect ratio, and sound.

Other Components

You will also need various other components to run your golf simulator. If you don’t already have these at home, you may need to buy them. They include a computer system to run the simulator (about $1,000), a TV or computer monitor ($500), speakers, and HDMI cables to connect the devices.

Components for deluxe indoor simulators and commercial models will be even more expensive than the ranges we listed. You pay more for size, durability, advanced technology, and a more realistic playing experience.

You may also need to buy or subscribe to golf simulator software if the launch monitor you choose doesn’t have one pre-installed. The software can add another $1,000 to the total price if you buy a one-off license.

Cost of Going to an Indoor Golf Facility like X-Golf

The truth is, buying a good-quality golf simulator for your home is expensive. You may not even use it frequently enough to justify the purchase.

Instead, you can go to a commercial indoor golf facility like X-Golf here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Equipped with the latest, most advanced golf simulator technology, X-Golf provides an immersive indoor golf experience like no other.

We created the most advanced virtual reality golf simulation technology in Colorado, allowing you to play in virtual championships, compete against friends, and have endless fun whenever you want.

If you’re a golf professional or enthusiast, our advanced technology can help you improve your game by providing feedback and constant practice. Enjoy unmatched accuracy, ball flight tracking, club head analysis, and realistic ball flight display as you tee off in the most realistic virtual courses in the world.

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Play and Party at X-Golf

In addition to indoor golf, X-Golf also provides delicious food and drinks. Whether you’re celebrating an event or having a group event, X-Golf is the perfect indoor golf facility in Colorado to entertain groups of people.

Best of all, we only charge per bay rather than per person. Since up to six people can play on each bay, it’s very affordable to have us host your event for both amateur and professional indoor golf activities.

Whether you want to play or just want to hang out, X-Golf brings together the most discerning golf enthusiasts and hobbyists for fun, competition, camaraderie, and laughter.

Enjoy Affordable Indoor Golf Today

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