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Indoor Golf vs. Outdoor

Golf technology has advanced in the past few years, making indoor golf increasingly popular. As people continuously embrace online tech and things progressively move into the virtual world, is golfing on virtual simulators the future?

The world glorifies outdoor golf for its long tradition—unique outfits, freshly cut green grass, magnificent golf courses, and the game is strictly reserved for elite golfers. For a long time, all the fun seemed out of reach for amateurs.

The indoor golf industry is now huge. Many golfers are becoming more comfortable practicing indoors. As a result, the game is changing, and we think it’s for the better.

Below, we explore how indoor golf compares to outdoor golf. This will help you understand the role of each in taking your golf skills to the next level.

Understanding How Indoor Golf Works

Simulators make golfing indoors possible. Essentially, playing the game in a simulator is almost as real as traditional golf but with additional advantages. You must take your shot naturally on a swing pad in front of a screen where you stand to play.

The simulator also has a motion-detecting system (sensors, cameras, and radars) that records the details of your swing and shot, including ball speed, face angle, and club head speed, among other parameters.

After tracking and analyzing this data, the simulator presents the information numerically on a screen. This simplifies measuring your performance, so you know areas to improve to become an elite golfer both indoors and outdoors. Indoor golf may be a simulation, but it gives accurate results based on each swing of the club.

Indoor Golf Ball Return System

Golfers Are Getting Into the Game in New Ways

Like never before, golfers are giving indoor golf a chance because it eliminates the stigmas of outdoor golf.  Indoor golf doesn’t reserve the game only for the elite or specific group. Players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the fun while staying on budget.

In an outdoor course, it may not be clear whether the wind or your swing made the ball go in a certain direction. But the opposite is true for indoor golf simulators, which provides data feedback that reveals your skill level and areas you need to work on.

This may make you wonder; is the indoor game better than outdoor golf?

Well, it’s not a matter of “which is better.” Let’s focus on what indoor golf brings to the golf world and how it supplements the outdoor game. Shall we?

Indoor Golf Suits You, Even If You’re a Hardcore Fan of the Outdoor Game

The off-course game suits everyone, even outdoor golf enthusiasts. Below are golf simulators unique pros and why they are indispensable.

1. Indoor Golf Boosts Your Skills and Engagement in the  Outdoor Game (As Proven by Research)

Some people think participating in indoor golf might negatively affect their prowess on the outdoor course or decrease their love for the traditional game. However, research suggests the opposite to be true.

NGF’s 2015 study revealed that participating in off-course golf increases your engagement with the traditional game. In the study, nearly 40% of indoor golf participants said they play more traditional golf because of a simulator.  The research also revealed that golfers could turn to simulator golf to refine their game and leverage the lesson learned on the traditional course.

2. Never Worry About the Weather Again

Outdoor golf is at the mercy of the weather. Picture this. You’ve planned a special weekend, then the weather changes suddenly, draining your motivation for playing. Or perhaps bad weather causes the golf ranges to be closed.

With indoor golf membership, you play game after game without worrying about the weather. Come rain, come sunshine—you can enjoy golf in controlled conditions that allow you to focus on the elements you want to improve.

3. Leverage Real-Time Feedback to Level Up Your Golf Skills, Both Indoor and Outdoor

In simulator golf, there’s a lesson behind every swing. Motion detectors and sensors monitor your movement, measure your swing speed, and assess the power the ball receives. Then, the simulator technology analyzes and presents the data in a way that’s easy to understand. Eventually, you access analytics that can take your game to the next level.

On top of that, you won’t be alone. A competent instructor will guide you from the word go to ensure you advance your skills as fast as possible. Just like in outdoor golf, you learn from other enthusiasts.

4. Access Various Golf Courses Indoors

Playing on multiple golf courses on the same day is difficult in the outdoor golf world. It’s also impossible to play in wet, calm weather conditions and then turn around to play in dry, windy conditions on the same day to compare.

With indoor golf simulators, golfers can play under various controlled conditions. Switch golf courses any time. Play in dry, windy conditions at one point, then test your game in calm conditions to compare. This helps you hone your skills in different circumstances to prepare for any outdoor golf course.

With Indoor Golf You Have Access to the World's Best Courses

5. Spend More Time Improving Your Game

Indoor golf saves time. In outdoor golf, you may waste several minutes walking to the next putting place. Conversely, an elite indoor player can play 18-holes in about :30 minutes.  This adds fun to the game and gives you enough time to take on more complex challenges that help amateur golfers to advance to the next level.

Is Indoor Golf Better than Outdoor Golf?

Indoor golf can’t and will never replace outdoor golf. However, it offers unique opportunities that outdoor game doesn’t. It allows you to play many holes and rounds in less time than outdoor golf. Take on challenges in different setups, regardless of the weather, time of the day, or temperature—no more light, location, and weather barriers.

The point is that indoor golf isn’t trying to be or replace outdoor golf. Instead, it allows you to leverage superior technology to play golf more frequently and in more manageable chunks of time. Using golf simulators supplement outdoor golf, not replace it.

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