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A Closer Look At The TP5 PIX BALL

X-Golf is switching to using Taylormade TP5 pix balls in our indoor golf simulators. This high-tech ball is designed to give you pinpoint accuracy and optimal distance control, so you can play your best game every time. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Why Do Golf Balls Matter?

By affecting distance, feel, and precision, golf balls have a significant impact on your game.


You’ve heard the saying, “Drive for show… putt for dough…”

Golf balls can be designed to maximize distance or maximize control. Most golf ball manufacturers today strive to find a compromise between the two because what good is a 300-yard drive with a stiff right slice right into the rough?


How a golf ball feels may be the most significant factor affecting your performance.

When you make contact with the ball, it compresses. To define a golf ball’s hardness or softness, golf ball manufacturers use a ‘compression’ scale between 30 and 110. A ball with a lower compression rating is softer, and one with a higher compression rating is harder.

A golf ball with higher compression or harder core will go further when played by a golfer whose swing speed reaches 100 mph or higher. Since soft and supersoft balls have a longer launch and hang time, players with lower swing speeds can still hit more distance.

The TP5 pix is a medium compression ball with a compression rating of 85.


A golf ball’s spin affects how well the ball is controlled. The three types of spin on a golf ball are backspin, sidespin, and rifle spin. Backspin lifts the ball. Side spin determines whether the ball drifts left or right. A rifle spin is the same type of spin a bullet has when fired. It aids in trajectory.

Lower spinning balls generally allow for more distance, but less control around the green.

A Closer Look at Taylormade’s TP5 pix

The TP5 pix features a larger reactive core for increased speed without sacrificing the soft feel and high greenside spin.

Features include:

ClearPath Alignment™

Developed in collaboration with PGA pro Rickie Fowler, the TP5 pix features a unique logo placement with strategically placed graphics that help you see your line in a whole new way.

In addition to helping players line up to the ball, ClearPath Alignment gives feedback on how the ball rolls and helps you know when you’ve hit a pure shot.

It can also help improve your putting by allowing you to see the roll of the ball.

TP5 PIX golf ball lined up for a Putt at X-Golf Denver

Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern on the TP5 pix is designed to increase aerodynamics to provide longer distance and better greenside stopping ability.

Soft Cast Urethane Cover

With Taylormade’s soft cast urethane cover, the ball has a soft feel and gives slightly longer distance compared to its predecessor.

Firm Inner Cover

A firm inner cover increases speed.

5-Layer Construction

The TP5 is constructed with five layers, each of which enhances the ball’s distance and precision.

Eric Loper, Taylormade’s Director of Research and Development, says,

“We’ve made the core larger. But what we’ve also done is we’ve reformulated the layers so that they’re building up that compression and packing the speed back on. But they’re softer so we have a larger core, softer materials that are just as resilient as they were before.”

Speed-Layer System

The speed layer system creates lower drag and increase carry.

High-Flex Material (HFM)

TP5’s fourth layer is made of a proprietary material called HFM (High-Flex Material), which allows the ball to rebound more effectively, delivering higher ball speeds.

What Do Players Have to Say?

“This is really a great golf ball! It jumps off the club face and seems to fly farther than my old ball. I like the spin I get with my wedges and I like the way it feels coming off the putter.” Source: Taylormade Golf

Enhancing Your X-Golf Experience with the TP5 pix Golf Ball

With this new ball, guests can expect a more accurate experience when it comes to ball speed, spin rates, and carry distance Indoor Golf Analytics.

We’re excited to be bringing this new ball into X-Golf centers.